Alternatives to Buster Collars


When a dog or cat is recovering from surgery or injury they deserve a better alternative to the standard plastic cone. We are here to help you find a suitable alternative!

Our Online Shop stocks all available sizes of the following:

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Comfy Collar



Anti-Lick Strip

Plastic Cone

Don’t let your pet wear the Cone of Shame!

We can help you to compare options and what will work out best for your pet. Here are just some of the benefits compared to a standard elizabethan collar:

We also have guidance for selected breeds which are known to have problems wearing some types of collar.

The things that dogs and cats say…

Well we can’t translate woofs and meows directly into words but our close companions are still able to communicate their feelings with us. We can see the difference in their behaviour. We know when they are feeling unwell and when they are happier. They let us know!

We have gathered together feedback for you to read through (click an arrow on the side to see more). It will help to give you an idea of which product and size is best for your pet. You can send us a photo with your comments by email to
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