Size Guides

Available for the Comfy Collar, Optivizor, and Novaguard

Product Choice

Check the suitability of a product for your requirements by refering to these tables:

Compatibility   Comfy Collar Optivizor Novaguard
Dogs   yes yes yes
Cats   yes contact us no
Puppies   yes yes no
Kittens   no no no


Breed Suitability   Comfy Collar Optivizor Novaguard
Long Body   no no contact us
Long Neck   no yes contact us
Short Nose   yes yes contact us


Area to be Protected   Comfy Collar Optivizor Novaguard
Tail   no no yes
Paws   no no yes
Upper Leg   yes no yes
Groin   yes no yes
Eyes   no yes no
Face   no yes no
Body   yes no yes
Last updated: Wednesday, 22nd November 2017
Stock Levels updated: Tuesday, 11th December 2018

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